Friday, September 11, 2009

we have a new normal

It's been one week with our new normal and it's going well. I'm handling things fine on the surface but my stomach is still in knots...recovering from Connor's first day and my first week of consecutive days not being home with the kids. And now, I'm home for my weekend off and Carl is at work again just starting his work week...his "Monday".

I'm not sure that Connor's transition to Kindergarten could have gone any smoother. We have a morning routine established. Carl and I are both doing our parts. I have the 7-7:40 a.m. part, which is making sure he is up, dressed and given breakfast. Carl has the 7:40-8:18 a.m. part, which is making sure he finishes breakfast, has his backpack and gets on the bus. We are 'Team Heil', as I like to call us. Thank goodness we work well together (which really just means thank goodness Carl understands, puts up with, and executes my way of doing things). Connor has entered school each morning seeing my smiling face (a perk of working there). The first two days I was supposed to be in the main entrance lobby to help the lost, nervous and anxious kids find their way. The last two days, I just hung out there for fun. He said he loves Kindergarten and was especially excited about Spanish class.

Other happenings this week...

Camryn is very close to walking. She's doing well holding on to one hand and she's getting brave enough to let go and take a step or two on her own. Emily has decided that she would like to go to school too. She had been asking for a backpack so I finally got her one since they went on sale now that school started. She has no use for it but it's pink and it has Princesses on it. That's all that matters.

Stay started this week! First practice was Wednesday and first game is tomorrow. Fall is officially here!


  1. Having a husband who understands that our way is best is the biggest blessing and one of the secrets to a long happy marriage!!
    Spanish? In kindergarten?
    And finally, that backpack is bigger than Emily! If she puts anything in it, she'll probably tip over backwards!

  2. that babygirl and her backpack are delicious! LOVE it and seriously, she is ridiculously cute,

  3. Tracy...I know...yes, Spanish! It's a "special" now along with library, music, etc. Alaina...thanks, Emily is quite a character. Full of personality.

  4. Hope you don't think I'm a stalker but I know Danielle from church. Sometimes I'll check out her favorite blog list and I just happened to check out yours. This is crazy but your son Connor appears to ride on my son Andrew's school bus. Andrew has that bus driver and rides on bus 8 too. He's in morning Kindergarten. Andrew also has a Connor in his class so I'm wondering if it is your son? I'd mentioned the school name, teacher and town but if you're like me, I don't really like to mention that stuff on the blog too much if at all. What a small world if so. Let me know =)

  5. Stephanie...funny, no I don't think you're a stalker. I do the same other blogs that are linked from blogs I know. Danielle is my cousin. What a small world! I checked with Connor and he has two Andrew's in his class but he told me that neither Andrew rides bus #8 home. He did tell me that he thinks there is an Andrew on his bus home and that he has glasses. Could this be your Andrew? I guess Andrew and Connor were popular name choices when we were pregnant!

  6. Yep, that's our Andrew w/glasses! =) Very observant Connor!