Wednesday, July 22, 2009

plan b

Almost 2 weeks ago (I know, this post is a little late) we attempted to go to the Spectrum for this blow-out sale that the Phillies, Sixers and Flyers were having on their merchandise. It was free parking, $1 hot dogs and drinks and started at 10 a.m. so we figured pack the kids up and head over early to beat the crowds. Wrong.

The line was all the way around the Spectrum and wasn't moving at all.

On to plan B. We were already over the bridge and didn't want to waste the $4 toll so we immediately racked our brains for what we could do. It took us about 30 seconds to decide on...

We love IKEA. The kids had fun trying out beds and looking at all of the cool stuff in the kids section.

We left with a kitchen chair seat pad for Emily (Connor already has one so she needed one too of course) and a cushion for our outdoor wooden bench that I'm repainting. Even though we didn't get the Phillies and Flyers stuff we were hoping for, it ended up being a fun morning out.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a fun week

July 4th to July 10th...the weather was perfect. We had things to do, people to see, places to be...and when we didn't have plans, the kids made the most of just hangin' out at home.

July 4th...Independence day, bbq's, parades, fireworks. And our cats' birthday. Connor wanted to make them some food, tuna and chicken, but I told him we had a busy day ahead and it was the thought that counted. So the day started out with a celebration, well just some cat treats really. Colby and Jack turned nine and Grace, well, her real age and birthday are unknown because she was found on the side of the road but she's estimated to be about eleven and we gave her a July 4th birthday because that's when the boys were born. It should also be noted that my former cat Muffin, who my dad and I adopted when I was ten, also had a July 4th birthday...his real birthday. Weird huh? That's actually partly why I adopted Colby and Jack. I saw their birthday and knew it was meant to be.

Unfortunately Carl had to work so it was just the kids and myself for the day. We had my cousin Joe's wedding reception to go to later in the day so I went online and scouted out the local parades for the morning and chose Pitman. It was kind of boring, not anything like the Washington Township parades that I remember, but the kids thought the bands were cool. After the girls napped we headed to the wedding reception, where Connor and Emily had so much fun dancing.

That night after we got home, Daddy took Connor outside to light a sparkler. That was the extent of the fireworks for us this year. Fireworks used to be a big deal to me as a kid. I have lots of great memories of watching them from my home on Collins Lane. These days, I don't like to keep the kids up late for them and the noise from the local neighbors annoys me because the fireworks always seem to wake the girls up. I'm sure they'll be fun again when the kids are older. Below, you can probably tell that Connor wasn't completely into holding the sparkler. He didn't want to hold it but we encouraged him, a.k.a. I made him hold it and smile for the picture. He'll thank me for the documented memories one day, maybe.

July 5th...Mom Mom and Grandpop Petrilli's birthday celebration at their house. Sorry, no pictures. One of my didn't-bring-the-camera slacker moments. July 6th through 9th...Lots of outside time at home. See below.

July 10th...Went to Bethel Mill Park, now known as Atkinson Park. It will always be Bethel Mill to me though. I've always loved this park. I grew up there and got engaged there. I appreciate it more as a parent because the play areas are nicely kept, it's shaded, and my kids love the trails through the woods. And there is plenty of wildlife to see...squirrels, ducks, geese turtles and what they're staring at in this picture... albino bull. What more could you want from a stroll in your local park?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

for aunt dawn

Happy Birthday! We miss you and hope you have a great day. This one's for you...

Friday, July 3, 2009

camryn's new trick

Camryn is pulling herself up now, though still a little shaky.