Saturday, October 30, 2010

our scarecrow

This is something I should have written about weeks ago but I’m such a blog slacker lately we did this month that was so much fun. We built our own scarecrow.

The build-your-own scarecrows from previous years are all over our town starting in late September. The kids love them. They scream “scarecrow!” each time we pass one driving through town. Literally. Scream. So when the build-your-own scarecrow day was here (the Saturday of our town Fall Festival) they were so excited that they were going to make their own scarecrow. I had to establish three simple rules first:

1. We’re only building one. Mommy only has 20 bucks to spend on straw and someone else’s used clothes donate to the rotary club.

2. Our scarecrow will be gender-neutral to keep the peace. The girls wanted to build a scarecrow lady and dress her in pink and purple with jewelry and a purse. Connor wanted a boy scarecrow with no pink and purple and definitely no accessories.

3. We need to work as a team. Connor…you pick the shirt. Emily…you pick the pants. Camryn…you pick the hat. Mommy won’t pick a thing and do her best not to care about any of your choices. The clothes do not need to match. The clothes do not need to match. (I had to repeat this to myself several times.)

October 2010 - Build Your Own Scarecrow (2) October 2010 - Build Your Own Scarecrow (6) October 2010 - Build Your Own Scarecrow (8) October 2010 - Build Your Own Scarecrow (9)

October 2010 - Build Your Own Scarecrow (1)

October 2010 - Build Your Own Scarecrow (10)

Even the scarecrow had enough

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This past Sunday I got to go to my first Eagles game in years, courtesy of my mom’s extra ticket, which was courtesy of my stepdad’s untimely gall bladder removal (sorry Paco).  The weather was perfect, traffic okay, parking not too bad and it was a win.  Can’t ask for much more than that. 

October 2010 - Eagles GameThis was interesting

October 2010 - Eagles Game (3)    View from the seats

October 2010 - Eagles Game (4)Me ;)

October 2010 - Eagles Game (8)Philadelphia and Citizen’s Bank Park (Let’s Go Phillies!)

Unfortunately the most memorable moment of the game was the hit that DeSean Jackson took.  As bad as it looked on t.v., it was ten times worse in person.  He didn’t move for what seemed like forever.  It was awful.

October 2010 - Eagles Game (7) Jackson leaving the field

Kolb played great…got NFC Offensive Player of the Week.  Kind of ironic since Vick got NFC Offensive Player of the Month for September.  I’m wondering what Andy is going to do for their game against the Colts on November 7th and Vick is good-to-go.  Should be interesting.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Carl’s morning activity with the girls while Connor and I were at school/work.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

potty talk with emily

Emily: Mom, I wish I was a boy.

Me: Why?

Emily: Because I wish I could just stand up and shoot pee out of a penis.

Me: Don’t we all Em.  Don’t we all.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

soccer saturday

Today was the perfect morning for soccer. It was a beginning of Fall, sunny, jeans, 3/4 length sleeves and flip flops kind of morning. Beautiful. Connor’s games have been so much fun for all of us. He’s loving it…working hard, learning, gaining skills, scoring (that’s his favorite part). The girls are enjoying the games too but not for the soccer. They bring toys to play with and have made friends with other little sister’s who bring toys to play with. It’s just one big play date for them.

DSC04612DSC04601This picture makes me smile.