Sunday, December 27, 2009

snow days

This time last week we had two feet of snow and now we have nothing.  The 50 degree temperature today and tons of rain washed it all away.  It was fun while it lasted though (although I'm not too sure Carl would agree since he had to clear the driveway, sidewalk and walkway).  I enjoy the snow and I'm so glad we live somewhere where we get to experience it somewhat, but not all winter like in North Dakota or Minnesota.  I was telling Connor that when I was a kid, I would spend all day out in it when it snowed.  I'd build tunnels and caves at the bottom of my driveway (actually my dad probably did all of the actual work while I watched and critiqued).  He took me sledding all of the time and would pull me around our street on my wooden sled.  I remember sitting in my living room when I was a kid, listening to the guy on KYW read all of the school closing numbers.  I think my school district was 803 or 806 and I can remember the excitement building as the guy reached the high 700's and then all of the sudden it was 800, 801, 802...!  I feel sorry for kids who grow up in Florida...there seriously is nothing like a good snowfall.  Working in a school, I still get to experience snow days...that never gets old.  I'm hoping for one more snowstorm before the winter is over so that we can take the kids sledding for the first time. 

All three of them loved playing in the snow this past week.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday went like this: dress kids for the snow, play in the snow, come in and take off all of the snow clothes, have hot chocolate, repeat.  Here are some pics from the fun we had last weekend...

The entire dressing routine for all three probably took about 20 minutes

Camryn could not get up on her own after she was dressed

Emily throwing snow up into the air and then having it all land back on her face

All Connor wanted to do was throw snowballs at Carl and I, but definitely could not handle the retaliation

Emily wanted to throw a few of her own too

I love the wall of snow here behind Camryn

Connor kept trying to walk through the snow

Emily and Camryn making their way down the sidewalk

Connor kept trying to save his snowballs...he was carrying this one to a big pile of them

Our home...the upstairs window on the right is Connor's room.  By the next day, it was completely covered by a snow drift.  It looked cool from the inside.

Emily wanted to make snow angels the entire time we were out there

This is the only bad thing about playing in the snow

Monday, December 21, 2009


Forgive me blogger, it's been 5 weeks since my last post (the Catholics will get that).  I really can't believe that I haven't blogged in 5 weeks.  I'm going to blame it on (1) the time of year, (2) work and, (3) my attempt at exercising.  I numbered my reasons because making lists always makes me feel better.  So...(1) This time of year is crazy with Thanksgiving, Connor's birthday and then getting ready for Christmas.  (2) Work has been mentally kicking my butt lately so I've been too tired to blog once I get the kids in bed.  (3) I say "my attempt" at exercising because I have been making an attempt for the last month.  I've been doing the treadmill and Wii Fit.  Some nights have been better attempts than others but I am doing something, which is better than the nothing that I was doing.  So there are my excuses for not blogging and here is my attempt to summarize the last 5 weeks...

We spent Thanksgiving at my dad and stepmom's house.  Carl ended up having the night off, which was a welcomed surprise.

Thanksgiving weekend brought the yearly WTHS men's soccer game.  Connor stayed for the whole game while the girls and I only stayed for about the first half.  The odd years (Carl's team) won again...for like the 7th year in a row or something ridiculously longer than that.  The even years are not representing.

We went to get our Christmas tree.

We celebrated Connor's 6th birthday with our gifts to him at home and a bowling party with family and friends.

We had fun decorating our tree.

The last five weeks also brought some milestones for the kids...

Connor was awarded Student of the Month for November.  The letter home said, "this selection is based on demonstrating considerate behavior, respect for others and good manners in an exemplary fashion".  He recieved a certificate and had his picture taken with the principal.  Needless to say, he was very excited and we are so proud of him. 

Emily took on potty training.  We were in Target one day and she saw Disney Princess underwear.  She asked to buy them and said she was going to use the potty.  I said okay and basically went along for the ride.  She made the decision and that was it.  She rotates between Disney princess and Tinkerbell underwear, which she likes to specifically select each day.  She also likes to change up her choices throughout the day, but that's okay...whatever works.  She's still wearing pull-ups at night but she's doing a great job.

Camryn had her 15 month well-visit.  She's now one pound away from Emily, in the 90%tile for weight (26 pounds).  She's 31 inches tall, which is the 75%tile.  Her language is taking off, her sleep continues to be great, she's funny, very affectionate, and just loves life.