Monday, September 13, 2010

first grade

Connor had his first four days of first grade last week and he is off to a smooth start.  He was back to his old routine the first day, no problem.  Alarm went on at 7 a.m. and he was in my bathroom by 7:03 to start his day.  Bathroom, wash face, hair, dressed and downstairs by 7:15.  When he got downstairs he remembered that he used to watch Monster Jam while he ate breakfast so he got a huge smile about that and turned the t.v. on.  I got him his breakfast and I was out the door at 7:35.  He finishes his breakfast by himself, gets Carl up at 8 and he's off to the bus stop at 8:15.  It's so hard to believe he's almost seven and now spends an entire day away from us (although I've seen him every day in school so far...hallway, cafeteria and playground).

I really don’t try to see him often and I don’t check in with his teacher even though I work at the school.  But I get around the whole building a lot during the day so I do get a chance to see him now and then.  I try to keep a low profile when I do, not make a big deal.  I just want to be his parent and want to keep the two roles as separate as possible.  His teacher did stop me in the hall though on the first day to tell me that he was helping some of the other children find their seats as they entered the classroom.  Warms my heart. ;)

Connor, Emily and Camryn 050

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