Wednesday, August 25, 2010


August 2010 - Goodbye bottles

Kids are supposed to have whole milk until age two.  The ‘experts’ say they are supposed to transition from bottle to cup at age one and of course, drink the whole milk in the cup.  I know this because I had this.  Once.  Connor went from bottle to cup when I transitioned him from formula to milk.  Age one.  No problem.  Emily and Camryn wanted nothing to do with milk in a cup.  So…since I wasn’t so ‘by the book’ with the second and third, I kept the bottle around until age two.  Yes I did.  I feel like I should be stating my name and standing up at a twelve step Parents’ Anonymous meeting. 

So, since Camryn turned two this month, this is goodbye.  Bottles, you have served me well.  You have held a special place in my life for the last three years and five months.  We’ve laughed, we’ve cried.  Mouths, floors, diaper bags, toy bins, minivan floors, strollers and car seats…you have seen it all.  You’ve helped calm my children and helped fill their bellies.  I will miss cleaning you and your bottle parts daily and I will miss seeing you in the bottle rack on the side of the sink.  And bottle warmer, I can’t forget you.  We’ve been through good times and bad.  Late nights, around the clock feedings, early mornings.  And you’ve worked like a charm through it all.  Your job is now done.  Enjoy your rest.


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